"I started seeing Taylor after a bad whiplash injury from a car accident that was not healing. I have a connective tissue disorder, and was afraid to try massage therapy because my joints so easily roll out of place. I reached out to Taylor and explained where I was at. She was so responsive, had plenty of experience, and didn't pressure me at all. I'm so glad I met with her! Taylor has helped my whole body, not just my neck. I had years of injuries piling up that made my whole body hurt: dislocated ribs, unaligned hip joint, chronic headaches, the list goes on. When I first saw Taylor my neck was so locked up that I couldn't drive at all or work full time. Since I started getting massage therapy treatments from Taylor my general pain level is much lower. I sleep better and I'm back working full time. She continues to help me heal. I'm so grateful for her warm energy, expertise, and understanding. I'd recommend her to literally anyone. She's been a lifesaver for me!"


“I began seeing Taylor after trying several other healing modalities, to no avail, for chronic migraines. Taylor has a remarkable ability to tune in to ones body so quickly. During our very first session together she said, “Do you have a headache right now?” Which I did. And by the end of the session the headache was completely gone. If you suffer from chronic headaches or migraines you know what a miracle this is. Subsequently, I have gone from having several migraines a month to only one every few months—which I contribute largely to my work with Taylor. She is a gentle, intuitive, and respectful healer, who is also incredibly and sincerely knowledgeable. I deeply appreciate how I can walk away from every session feeling seen and understood and cared for in a way that is rarely replicated.”


“I initially came to see Taylor when recovering from a hysterectomy and resulting widespread tissue damage and sacrum pain. Her visceral manipulation techniques were exactly what I needed to reach a great deal of healing, going from a pain level of about 7/10 to a 2/10 in a few months. Later I was in a motor vehicle accident, which she was able to treat with gentle and effective treatment.”

J.R., Psychoanalyst

"I've been suffering from headaches for the past 6 years after leaving my previous career as a pro snowboarder. I had taken hundreds of high impact crashes and my body has not recovered with scar tissue over many of my bones including my collar bones.

Taylor has been amazing helping me heal. I had been looking for answers and someone who could help cure my headaches, often 2 per week which left me in bed. Taylor started working on my collarbones with massage and after a couple of months working with her during my employment at Google, my headaches began to subside. She is an amazing healer and massage therapist as she has such a warm personality and an amazing spirit which aids in the healing process. I always enjoy seeing her and would definitely recommend her to anyone!"

Kyler Frisbee - Pro Snowboarder / Technical Recruiter

"I have been seeing Taylor for massage therapy for the past 3 years. I have extensive injuries and pain in my lower back and neck and have suffered from chronic pain for the past 20 years. Massage has never been a relaxing experience for me. Having chronic pain, massage means to me that I will have to breathe through my pain and its never restful or relaxing!

When I first went to see Taylor, I was in a chronic pain flare. I heard about Taylor from a friend of mine who has similar back issues that I have and she said that Taylor was hands-down the best massage therapist that she has ever been to.

On my first visit with Taylor I didn't need to breathe through any pain, and felt remarkably better when leaving than when I walked in.  On the second visit, I actually fell asleep on the table! That is completely unheard of in my case. After about three months I'd seen Taylor once or sometimes twice a week, I was out of my pain flare. I know that having Taylor as a massage therapist facilitated that!

Taylor is the best massage therapist that I have ever been to; not only does she have superior massage skills, she has an intuitive healer as well and respectful of my needs. I always leave feeling better than when I walked in.

I would recommend Taylor as a massage therapist for everyone; from the person suffering from chronic pain to the people who want a relaxing massage."

J.C., Social Worker

"My stress always goes directly to my shoulders and neck.  Recently, I was feeling pain down my right arm, leading me to believe that I had done something to my shoulder.  I tried physical therapy and an MRI to find the source.  After going to Taylor, she focused on the neck area to see if a pinched nerve may be the issue.  After a couple of sessions, I was feeling much better!  She also gave me exercises to use between sessions to help relieve some of the stress in my shoulders and upper back.  Taylor listens and really tries to understand what could be the source of the pain, rather than focusing just on one area.  I think Taylor is great!"

M.H., Engineer