Taylor has been a Massage Practitioner for over 20 years, originally graduating in 1995 from the Massage program at the North Carolina School of Natural Healing in Asheville, NC. She has been in private practice for many years and has also worked in both medical massage and chiropractic clinics.

Taylor likes to blend several different therapeutic techniques to help increase relaxation and decrease physical pain in her clients.  Her ability to tailor sessions to the needs of the individual, coupled with a love of client education, helps clients move out of the "pain-trauma-pain" cycle. Modalities used in a session may include Myofascial Release, Visceral Manipulation, Structural Decompression or movement re-education.  PLEASE NOTE: Taylor is no longer using  any "Deep Tissue" style techniques. If you are looking for someone to use a large amount of force in your massage session, please consider a different practitioner. 

Taylor has experience helping clients recover from surgery, sports injuries, chronic pain injuries from car accidents (especially whiplash), pregnancy relates issues, carpal tunnel, TMJ, you name it! She finds great joy in co-creating personalized treatment plans to help clients move into greater physical ease and mobility.

Taylor has been a dancer since an early age and still loves to spend much of her free time in dance classes.  She and her family also spend as much time as possible camping and hiking along the coast.