Structural Decompression is a slow and deep palpation, movement, and manipulation of the Periosteum (outermost layer of the bones) and associated joint structures.  It is often combined with Myofascial Release. Structural Decompression facilitates the release of forces and loads from the bone matrix, the result of which may include bone reformation, increased ability of the bone matrix to disperse force, an increased sense of energy in the tissues, and a sense of lightness and well-being. Anyone experiencing “deep” pain or discomfort in a bone or joint is a good candidate for Structural Decompression.


 Myofascial Release is a safe and very effective technique that involves applying gentle, sustained pressure into connective tissue restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion. A low load (gentle pressure) applied slowly allows a viscoelastic medium (such as your fascia) to elongate.

In simple terms, a therapist (me) performing Myofascial Release will "load" your tissues by applying gentle, shearing (across, rather than into your body) pressure, and wait!  As your body releases it's tensional patterns, my hands follow and encourage that release.

Each Myofascial Release Treatment session is performed directly on skin without oils or creams. This enables me to accurately detect fascial restrictions, and to apply the appropriate amount of sustained pressure necessary to facilitate a release of the fascia.


Visceral Manipulation is a soft manual therapy which uses gentle compression, mobilization, and elongation of the soft visceral tissues and their related structures to encourage release. And when I say viscera I am talking about the internal organs! There are many reasons our organs may lose their mobility: physical trauma, surgeries, infections, poor posture, and pregnancy/delivery, to name a few.

Our bodies and organs are meant to move freely - when an organ is no longer mobile but adhered to another structure, the body is forced to compensate. This disharmony creates fixed, abnormal points of tension which lead to functional and structural problems throughout the body.

My treatment goal is to treat the source of the pattern, not just the symptoms. One of the foundational principles of Visceral Manipulation is that “the body hugs the lesion", meaning that your tissues will guide me directly to the place that needs help the most.  As the root of the problem is addressed, symptoms start to decrease and the body returns to greater health. This shift is felt in session as a sense of release and opening which continues after treatment, and is fully incorporated days later. To learn more please visit   

All my sessions also include elements of Swedish massage. I also love working with pregnant clients and am experienced in Prenatal and Postnatal Massage.